Saturday, March 26, 2011

Gideons' Fleece

This site is just like the fleece Gideon put out to be sure the Lord was leading him in a certain direction.
I figure the Lord will bring the right person with the right funding here in His time.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

added insight to the ministry

Tanya has been feeling led to feed people.
The whole basis of my preparedness/survival learning is so we can help people.
The organic homesteading part of the retreat should go a long way towards helping and feeding people.

Tanya and I talked about it and decided we needed to learn Spanish. Gunnison has a growing population of immigrants that can be reached by something like this.

As far as my call to help pastors goes. While I was a pastor my most enjoyable time was Monday mornings when pastors from the various churches in the association would come together and fellowship. It was a time when we could talk and joke and share that we just couldn't do with our congregations. I am planning the retreat to be a place where I can talk to a burnt out pastor as someone who has been there and allow him to unwind and refresh.


upon further review

and with much prayer,
I still feel we are called to do this in Colorado.
The homestead here in Ohio makes a lot of logical sense, but, Colorado is where I think we are supposed to be.

I am changing the vision statement to reflect that we will be a nonprofit organization. After a lot of prayer I see the need to avoid even the appearance of evil in connection to taking gifts privately. Nonprofit status will add accountability to this ministry and in many eyes credibility.
I still feel strongly that if a time should arise when free speech is muzzled by adherence to tax status rules, we should at that time revert to a private organization.

The vision statement is just that a vision of how we should do things. It is not set in stone. It will become a mission statement put out by the board of the nonprofit ministry once we are organized.