Saturday, February 19, 2011

Flowering where we are planted

Maybe we should look more to home for our ministry opportunities.

We can do essentially the same thing on our present 30 acre farm. Maybe not the pastor retreat right away but we can grow and feed people. I'm sure their are folks in this area that would like organically raised fruits and vegetables.

The big thing we have the opportunity to do here is raise sheep for the Muslim community. What an outreach!
They like to butcher on the farm so we wouldn't have to mess with processing or anything like that.

Maybe ever reconsider getting a non-profit status. That would probably help our outreach considerably. As long as it is not a preaching ministry I would probably be comfortable with that.

We talked about feeding the hungry a lot lately. We can grow food for literally 1000's on our farm if we just had the time and equipment.

That would mean me coming home and working the farm and the purchase of about $10,000 in equipment.

Expenses would run around $40,000 or less a year. Much more affordable than Colorado at this point.

God is working on me nudging and prodding. I'm still too stupid sometimes to get the idea right the first time.