Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A quiet place VISION

We would like to provide a place of Quiet, Rest, and Renewal for pastors and missionaries.

-Donation only no set fees
-Agrarian setting (a pastoral pastors retreat)
-Stress healthy living choices by providing as much
“homegrown” food as possible
-Make available a large library for study and research
-located near Gunnison Colorado
-Private cabins
-Engage the community by selling surplus produce on a
donation basis
-Facilitate self directed recreation

*Donation only
We will start a non-profit organization. We will look to be privately funded by donation or endowment. There will be no set price for anything we provide, be it lodging, food or use of the library.

*Agrarian setting
We will set up a small homestead with animals and crops
that allow us and visitors to experience life in an agrarian
setting. Many times God uses agrarian examples in His word
and many people are so far removed from that lifestyle it is
hard to make a practical application. By setting up a place
that allows pastors to experience first hand Gods providence
I believe they can more effectively communicate Gods Word to
their congregations.

*Healthy living choices
We will produce as much of our own food as possible in
order to have food that is free of chemicals, hormones and
human intervention by genetic modification. Many of our
physical and emotional ails can be influence by what our
food contains. Pastors in high stress environments need a
time to allow their bodies and minds to rest and recover.
Healthy food is only a small part but it is a place where we
can help pastors get started.

*A large library for study
Some pastors will take a time each year to plan through
their sermons for the coming year. Others will just want
something to read while away and relaxing. I am a book
person and already own several hundred volumes like most
pastors. In addition the library could serve as a community
outreach by allowing others to use it for their research.

*Located near Gunnison Colorado
Three reasons, location, location and location. First
Colorado is a focal point for vacations, everyone wants to
go there for recreation. Second Gunnison has only 10% of the
population that is churched, this includes cults. Third we
are from Gunnison. Tanya and I are both GHS grads and Tanya
is a WSC grad. We know who can do what in the community and
have contacts throughout.

*Private cabins
We would like to have several cabins available so as to
provide space for several guests at one time. Pastors
benefit from being around others who have similar
experiences, and each family deserves its own private

*Engaging the community
When growing our own food we will have surplus that will be
made available to the general public on a donation only
basis. Once again this will avoid government intervention
and red tape. I believe the residents of the area will
embrace this concept whole heartily as it is a very health
conscious and independent thinking area. This will be a
great opportunity to witness and show the love of Christ.

*Self directed recreation
The Gunnison country is a recreation dream come true. We
have two major ski areas (Crested Butte and Monarch).
Outstanding fishing and hunting opportunities, mile upon
mile of hiking, mountain biking, 4X4, motorcycle and ATV
trails. There are treasure hunting and gold panning
adventures waiting to be discovered. All available in and
around thousands of acres of Public land. Or you can just
stay in the cabin and unwind by reading a book.