Sunday, January 22, 2012

Reaching the lost

The Vulcan ranch was on craigslist again today 321 acre ranch.

I know God owns the cattle on a  thousand hillsides and He will be able to give us the land we need when it's His time.

Just knowing His perfect will is the big thing, He will use you if you are willing even when you are out of His will.

Talking to friends in Gunnison they think this ministry we have proposed is a great idea to reach the lost of the area...the added bonus is helping pastors to relax and unwind.

The people in the area are big time into health and fitness, a ranch like this with locally and organically grown whole food is just the ticket into many hearts that have been hardened to the gospel over the years from outsiders coming in and trying to "save" them.

It is not anything we can is a God thing.

Continue to pray that we would have clear guidance on what we should do with either the retreat or the church plant.


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